StopTB Partnership-Kenya
STP-K is a membership organisation that brings together
different partners which include civil society, development partners TB infected and affected communities, Government sectors and the private sector with the goal of contributing towards ending TB in Kenya.

Inline with sustainable development goals (STGS) and the social pillar of Kenyan vision 2030. the Kenya health policy 202-2030 and to contribute to the right to health as stipulated in the Kenyan constitution chapter iv article 43 (a).

Our Vision

To be a robust partnership towards a Kenya free of TB

Our Mission

To enhance partnership for promotion of existing strategies towards end of TB and address hindrances through coalition building, resource mobilisation, advocacy, communication and community engagement.

Our Goal

To optimise partnerships towards end of TB align advocacy strategies to Kenya TB national strategic plan the global end TB strategy and the united nations, High level meeting, country commitments through advocacy, resource mobilisation and strategic partnerships
Our Targets

Step up advocacy for increased domestic resource allocation to TB by 50% by 2025.

60% of counties with the TB budget in the annual work plan by 2025.

10% annual increase in revenue from members and partners.

100% compliance with STP-K governance requirements.

A well coordinated multi sectoral approach with membership increased to 30 partners by 2025.

News Updates
100 k

Total TB incidence

100 k

HIV-positive TB incidence


HIV-negative TB mortality

10 th

HIV-positive TB mortality

10 %

of all deaths are from TB

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