About The StopTB Kenya Partnership


The STOP TB Partnership – Kenya is a movement of individuals and organisations from the Government of Kenya, corporate community, patient community and the people of Kenya who are dedicated to eliminating tuberculosis (TB) and reduction of poverty-related diseases in Kenya.

The movement mirrors the Global Stop TB Partnership, which comprises of donors, national and international organisations, government and non-governmental organisations, affected communities and academic institutions working together to reduce the burden of TB worldwide and ultimately achieve a world free of TB.


Our Mission and Vision



A healthy and prosperous Kenya free of Tuberculosis and other poverty-related diseases.


To spearhead a nationwide year-round doorstep-reaching platform for Government, Business Community, Patient Community and all Kenyans to make Kenya free of TB and other poverty related diseases wherever they live, learn, work, worship, play, congregate, travel, visit, migrate or in special settings.

Our Motto


“Do something, Do more, Do better, Together. We are most grateful to the American People who, through.”

Our Aspirations

STOP TB Partnership Kenya expects the following inspirational results:

  1. Mortality due to TB reduced by 3% by 2018 compared to 2014.
  2.  At least 90% of people with diagnosed TB are cured every year from 2017.
  3. At least 90% of people with active TB are detected, diagnosed and put on treatment every year from 2017.
  4. At least 90% of people with risk factors for TB are empowered to reduce their risk and vulnerability by December 2016.
  5. At least 90% of people free of TB are informed to remain free every year.
  6. At least 95% of people with TB and their families do not suffer excess illness and deaths during disasters or Emergencies from 2017
  7. Reduced percentage of people Aged 15-85 years old displaying one or more selected Unhealthy behaviors.
  8. At least 124 slums or informal Settlements improved (one slum per urban center) by 2018.
  9. At least 80% of houses in the 124 slums or in informal Settlements have adequate lighting and ventilation.

Join the partnership

Together we can do more. Our list of partners is growing, Our current Partners include;

CHS Kenya, Global StopTB Partnership, KAPTLD, Ministry of Health, NTLD and TBARC


Giving to Stop TB Partnership

We are thankful to the donors who have come on board to assist us in fulfilling our objectives. We welcome individuals, organizations and corporations to give to this great work.


We can do more together!

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